Spirit Tasting – At Home Guided Experience

Since we currently cannot offer spirit tastings at the Cocktail Lab, we’re bringing the spirit tasting experience straight to you.

Each spirit tasting kit includes

  1. Spirit Tasting Flight (includes 6 spirits)
  2. Nosing, Tasting & Pairing Worksheet
  3. Nosing, Tasting & Pairing Cheat Sheet (don’t look at it yet!)

If you do not have a Spirit Tasting Kit, click here to order now.

Before You Begin…

  1. Learn how to use our custom Spirit Flavor Wheel below. Developed by Modern Bar Cart specifically for nosing and tasting Tenth Ward spirits, it will help you pinpoint certain aromas and flavors in each spirit. 
  2. Prepare your absinthe. Absinthe should be diluted with ice water before sampling. We recommend a 1:1 ratio water to absinthe for a stronger flavor or a 3:1 ratio water to absinthe for a traditional dilution.

How to use the Flavor Wheel

  1. Start in the middle. When nosing and tasting your spirit, you’ll want to start in the middle of the wheel to determine if you smell/taste one of the five main distinctions: cereal, fruit, wood, chemical or herbal.
  1. Work your way out. Once you determine the preliminary aroma/flavor, you’ll want to work your way to the middle ring of the wheel. This ring will help you narrow down what that initial aroma/flavor is. For example, if your spirit tastes fruity: Is that fruity flavor more citrusy or berry? Does it resemble a tropical fruit or a dried fruit?
  1. Get specific. Once you’ve determined what that secondary aroma/flavor is, you can take it one step further by pinpointing the aroma/flavor from the outside ring. These are where those intricate tasting and nosing notes come from. For example, if you’ve determined that the fruity flavor you’ve identified is more tropical than citrusy: Could that tropical fruit be pineapple or melon?

Record your nosing and tasting notes on your worksheet. Once you’re finished, flip your worksheet over and see what we wrote down! Don’t worry if your answers are different than ours – each person interprets smells and tastes differently! 

Spirit Flavor Wheel

Absinthe Tasting Guide

*Absinthe has some additional sensory features (appearance, mouth feel, appearance) that can be evaluated with the Absinthe Tasting Guide.