Boss Lady Monica

Height: 5’1″

How Do You Take Your Whiskey?
On the rocks

Favorite Turtle?
Diamondback (Go Terps!)

If You Could Be A Food…
Mac & Cheese

As a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, our boss lady built her career in the conservation field.  Monica has a BS in environmental science and policy from the University of Maryland and her Master’s in natural resource management from Virginia Tech.

Prior to the launch of Tenth Ward, she worked for a few non-profits and even spent a year in the Galapagos volunteering for a biological station. Monica also has racked up over 10 years experience in the service and bar industry prior to and during her conservation work. With inspiration from the growing spirit industry and all that experience under her belt she chose to make the crazy leap into booze manufacturing.

Boss Man Kyle

Height: 5’11”

How Do You Take Your Whiskey?
Neat, maybe a little water if above 100 proof

Favorite Turtle?
Sea Turtle, like the ones in Finding Nemo

If You Could Be A Food…
Shepherd’s Pie

Kyle is originally from Long Island, but came to the Frederick area to major in the Civil War at Shepherd University.  The job market for Civil War studies on Long Island being a little slow, he decided to stay (and is very glad he did.)  He grew up in a household that appreciated good beer which introduced him to craft booze.  He took up homebrewing as a hobby, and when presented with the opportunity to start a distillery it was a no brainer.

The beer making process has had a huge influence on the way he makes spirits, making a product that really stands out.  When not distilling, boss man is on the Gettysburg Battlefield as a Licensed Battlefield Guide giving tours and still homebrewing when he has the chance.

#kittysoze #theverbstheword

Height: 10″

How Do You Take Your Whiskey?
In a Saucer

Favorite Turtle?

If You Could Be A Food…
Cicada Pie


Verbal is Tenth Ward’s first and only employee to date. His previous owners clearly didn’t appreciate his awesomeness because sadly, when they moved they left Verbal outside to roam Bentz Street here in downtown Frederick.

Lucky for Verbal, Tenth Ward scooped him up, adopted him, and now he has the lucky life of a distillery cat.

Cult classic movie lovers out there will recognize Verbal’s namesake, especially when we fondly refer to him as #kittysoze. Verbal’s skill set includes mouse hunting, cicada batting, front door guarding, and all the snuggles.


Tenth Ward Distilling Company is a small distillery, locally owned by Monica Pearce (the boss lady) and business partner Kyle Pfalzer (the boss man) and is located in downtown Frederick, Maryland.

Our whiskey and barrel aged brandy bear our unique approach. We pride ourselves on challenging the traditional style of distillation while making a quality, delicious product with the most sustainable means possible.

We invite any and all to follow our distillery adventures via social media as we work toward carving out our own unbeaten, booze-making path.



The name “Tenth Ward” is a reference to the way Frederick City was divisioned during the late 19th century. Our location at 508 East Church Street was part of what used to be considered the Tenth Ward. Drafted at the Frederick Historic Society, this kick-ass map on the right depicts the boundaries of Frederick’s Tenth Ward in 1873.

For you history buffs and lovers of everything Frederick out there, you might find it interesting to know that the city of Frederick intentionally built this sector on the east side of town to be the primary location for industry. The reason for this is that the wind in Frederick tends to blow east and our thoughtful city founders figured they could spare their growing town from those offensive industrial smells.

By looking closely, you can find our original location (an empty lot at the time) on the northern part of the map, to the east of the Gas Works building.  As a new resident to this long-established industrial neighborhood, we at Tenth Ward Distilling Company (also history buffs and lovers of everything Frederick) are committed to sharing the history of our region. We welcome you to visit us at the distillery for information on famous Frederick bootleggers, historical distillation techniques, and to follow past industry from the Tenth Ward.



With a background in sustainable resource management, the Boss Lady here at Tenth Ward is committed to keeping our environmental footprint as minimal as possible.

We are conscious about our energy and resource usage (if you come visit we will show you our rain barrel out back!) We’re holding ourselves accountable to staying as locally sourced as possible.

We use this table to keep track of each product that contributes to the tasty booze you’re drinking.