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Celebrating Tenth Ward Team Members Here in Frederick!

Celebrating Tenth Ward Team Members Here in Frederick!
August 31, 2023 Tenth Ward Distilling

Celebrating Tenth Ward Team Members Here in Frederick!

Written by Gerri Mathews, General Manager

July 2023 was a big milestone for Tenth Ward – we celebrated 7 years bringing you weird, out-of-the-ordinary spirits and canned cocktails and we’ve had a whole lot of fun doing it! But July only kicked off the festivities for us. We love to celebrate even the small things with our staff and this August, we had a whole lot to celebrate!

Last year I was lucky enough to join this awesome team during a time of pretty big transitions among the staff. Little did I know how amazing of a team I was coming into and would have a hand in growing over the next year. 

So many of our staff members joined our team during the month of August throughout the lifetime of our distillery.  August is a pretty great month, if I may say so myself.



Christene, our Wholesale Manager, celebrated her 5th year with Tenth Ward! She’s the reason you can find your fave Tenth Ward items on liquor store shelves and nearby restaurants. Without her efforts and sleepless nights, we wouldn’t have been able to get our products into 6 different states along the east coast! 



Genevieve, our jane-of-all-trade (and master of them all too!) who you’ll find at farmers markets, festivals, helping at the bar, syrup and cocktail prepping, and running our on-site events, is celebrating 2 years with us! While working for us partime on nights and weekends for a period of time, Genevieve has made herself an integral part of our full-time FOH team and we are so grateful for her.



Our distiller Dan is also celebrating his 2nd anniversary with us and sometimes it’s hard to remember life without him here. Not only does Dan bring a unique sense of humor and a pretty great palate, but he can also be found slingin’ drinks at farmers markets and festivals nearly every weekend! Thanks Dan for making the good stuff.

And then there’s me! The General Manager, is responsible for keeping the machine running! As I was approaching my 1 year anniversary, I was reflecting a lot on everything that has happened here and in my advancement toward my goals and I realized I couldn’t have been successful without the team I have behind me. I was thrilled to have a 100% retention rate this past quarter and I think that speaks more to the amazing team we’ve built here than to anything special I may be doing!

AND THAT’S JUST AUGUST! We have nearly 2 dozen other full-time and part-time folks who help us daily to become the best distillery in Frederick (Don’t just ask us! We were named that by Best of Frederick!). Learn a bit more about Tenth Ward’s fab team members here. 

So I invite you to raise a glass of your favorite spirit or cocktail and toast to this incredible team. Here’s to another fun filled, spirited year – SEE YOU AT THE COCKTAIL BAR!