Tenth Ward
Distilling Company
508 East Church Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701



Wednesday – Sunday
12:00pm to 6:00pm

Tastings are offered without an appointment during business hours.
Tours are held on Saturdays only at 2:00pm and 4:00pm.  They are offered on a first come first served basis.

Tours are free for designated drivers. Please notify us in advance if you have a group larger than 10.


Why did you choose the name Tenth Ward Distilling Company?
During the pre-prohibition and prohibition eras, Frederick was districted into wards. Our location is in what used to be considered the “Tenth Ward.” The Tenth Ward was made up mostly of industry and manufacturing. We wanted to revitalize some of that history with our name.

Where do your ingredients come from?
We source as locally as possible and are conscious of the impact we have on the environment. We’ve put together a chart that includes a full rundown of everything Tenth Ward uses.

Where can I buy your booze?
Tenth Ward products can be purchased at the distillery during open hours. We are located at 508 East Church Street in Frederick, MD. Or click here to see full list of available liquor stores and restaurants.

Can I take a tour?
Yes, please! Tenth Ward offers tours promptly at 2pm and 4pm on Saturdays. No need to call ahead of time or schedule.


How are you not supposed to drink Absinthe?
DO NOT SET IT ON FIRE! Absinthe is generally a high proof spirit and ours comes in at 140 so we’d rather dilute our beautiful green fairy with a little water. Also, DO NOT take straight shots of it 🙂

How are you supposed to drink Absinthe?
A 3:1 is recommended — 3 parts water, 1 part absinthe (or dilute to preference). Traditionally it is also offered with a sugar cube so feel free and sweeten to taste. Here are some simple steps on how to enjoy your Tenth Ward Absinthe Nouvelle:

  1. Pour 1 oz absinthe into a glass
  2. Lay sugar cube on top of a perforated absinthe spoon
  3. Slowly drip cold ice water over the sugar into the absinthe using whatever is on hand – fountain, brouilleur, pitcher, etc.
  4. Stir and enjoy!

Can I mix it into a cocktail?
Yes please! Take a look below for our delicious recommendations —