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Getting Spirited with your Holiday Shopping

Getting Spirited with your Holiday Shopping
December 6, 2019 Tenth Ward Distilling

Getting Spirited with your Holiday Shopping

Monica Pearce, founder of Tenth Ward Distilling Company, shares an ardent passion for whiskey and like most of the women on this list, considered her entrance into the industry as a radical career transition.Written by Monica Pearce, Owner & Founder, Tenth Ward Distilling Company

Still trying to come up with that perfect gift? Well, who wouldn’t want booze from a local distillery for Christmas? Seriously. 

When you gift a local spirit to your friends and family, make sure to tell them you are supporting a local business… Especially with Tenth Ward being a woman-owned business operating in a male dominated industry. By shopping at your local distillery, you aren’t just contributing to our local economy. You are also contributing to the community. You are helping to finance the pay for staff who live locally. We financially support local agriculture from sourcing our raw materials at local farms and have created a huge draw for tourism. 

Read more below on what from your local distillery would make for the perfect gift. 


Holiday Liqueur | Tenth Ward Distilling Company



Just the Bottle

Got someone likes high quality craft beverages? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a bag filled with a bottle of booze. Tenth Ward’s got whiskey for your whiskey drinkers, lower ABV and sweeter liqueurs for your wine drinkers or those with a sweet tooth, gin for people that like the classics and absinthe for those adventurous folks. Don’t have time to go to Frederick? Take a look at our liquor store locations across Maryland and DC.


On a tight budget?

Still want something awesome, but just looking for that white elephant gift or stocking stuffer? Look out for Tenth Ward or any local distillery’s smaller bottle options. We have 375 ml sizes of all products in stock! I also recommend checking out what’s available for retail that you can’t typically find at your local Walmart – such as the ever-so-famous Distillery Cats book, a bottle of bitters or evens some branded merch. 

Also, if you are gifting to the spirits enthusiasts I HIGHLY recommend asking your local distillery for a copy of the Maryland Spirits Trail Passport. It’s FREE and makes for a super fun experience where passport holders can read up on all the Maryland distilleries, visit them, get their stamp and support! 




Get Creative

Need to up your game a little? Put together your own gift pack! Grab a bottle of bitters, some craft grenadine, your favorite Tenth Ward spirit and put together a little recipe card. We’ve got all the accessories you need – absinthe spoons, glassware, etc. AND if you don’t feel like getting creative we’ve got some pre-packed gift packs already waiting for ya. 


Can’t Decide?

There are always gift cards 🙂

Hope we’ve helped ease a little decision making for you during this holiday insanity. Now all you have to do is come in for your one-stop shopping, grab a cocktail and wrap that booze up all pretty-like to put under the tree.