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Live Music At Tenthwards Cocktail Bar

Calendar of Events


Hey! Did you know Tenth Ward hosts happy hour on Wednesdays, jazz on Thursdays, and live music on Friday nights? Take a look at our events calendar for things to do at the Cocktail Bar, festivals, farmers markets, and liquor store tastings. Private event rental info can be found here.



Beat the Clock-tail: Rolling Draft Cocktail Specials

Tenth Ward Distilling Company 55 E Patrick Street, Frederick

PSA: Wednesdays just became the new Friday. We've got rolling cocktails specials every Wednesday 5-9 pm. All cocktails on draft will be... $5 at 5 pm $6 at 6 pm $7 at 7 pm $8 at 8 pm $9 at 9 pm

Mixology: The Basics of Cocktail Tools, Ingredients and Recipe Development

Tenth Ward Distilling Company 55 E Patrick Street, Frederick

Learn from Tenth Ward Distilling Company's mixology experts and become a cocktail aficionado from home. By the end of this interactive two-hour course, participants will be able to use and identify standard mixology tools such as shakers, strainers, jiggers, and more; know the building blocks of a standard cocktail; understand how cocktail ingredients such as simple syrups and garnishes are […]