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Maryland & DC Booze Lovers: Time to Celebrate!

Maryland & DC Booze Lovers: Time to Celebrate!
May 22, 2019 Tenth Ward Distilling

Chistene Thomas, Sales Associate, Tenth Ward Distilling CompanyMaryland & DC Booze Lovers: Time to Celebrate!

Written by Christene Thomas, Sales Associate, Tenth Ward Distilling Company

Hey Tenth Ward imbibers! Christene here. I’m the Sales Rep responsible for getting our hooch on the shelves at your liquor store and behind the bar of your favorite bars and restaurants.

Since things have been rocking and rolling over here at the stillhouse and Cocktail Lab, this has now become a job for more than one person. After months of vetting several distributors, we’re happy to say that we found one that fits our brand vision and has an amazing reputation.

We will be partnering with Legends Limited who will represent Tenth Ward in the Maryland and DC markets. Legends Limited offers an extensive craft portfolio of beer and specialty spirits. We are thrilled to be working with Travis Pedley, who heads the Wine and Spirits Brand division at Legend Limited, and has an extensive background in the craft bartending world. [Read press release]

Why not keep self distributing?

Distribution is essential for brand growth, and we want to share our kick-ass spirits with as many people as possible. This partnership will allow us to expand our focus in other cities, while still allowing our active accounts to receive just as much (if not more) love and attention.

Click here to see where you can purchase our spirits at bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

What does that mean for you?

More Tenth Ward in Maryland and DC – just like you’ve asked! Through our expansion over the past year, we have tripled our sales and have had a high demand for distribution. With Legends help, you will be able to enjoy amazing craft cocktails at places like the waterfront in Baltimore, your favorite DC speakeasy, or on the shelf at your neighborhood liquor store.

Where would you like to see our products?

Email me at or drop us a line under the Contact Us section of our website.