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Summer Rum, Tenth Ward Club Release

Summer Rum, Tenth Ward Club Release
July 6, 2024 Tenth Ward Distilling

Tenth Ward Bottle Club Release: Summer Rum

Written by Monica Pearce, Boss Lady

If you’ve been thirsting for a taste of summer in a glass, look no further! Inspired by our bold flavors, we can’t wait to crack open a bottle of this one. Come by for a taste, try our specialty club member cocktail and walk away with a delicious bottle of Summer Rum.

We were inspired a bit by spiced Caribbean rums, some tiki-island vibes and the rich nutty/molasses notes you might get from a dark rum. This rum is distilled from 100% molasses! While rums can be a blend of any sugar type, we were aiming for a full bodied flavor in a white rum infusion. The rum is infused with black pepper, coconut, almond and apricot. There is a ton of pure natural flavor packed in this one. 

How It’s Made

We started by sourcing organic sugar cane molasses grown in the US. Then using our mash tun, we heated the molasses with water up to temperature needed to make our yeast babies happy. Once we pitched the yeast, it fermented for about a week then was distilled in our 2,000 L pot still called Mama Bear. Our still house smelled AMAZING during that week! Rich caramel, burnt sugar, all the good smells. 

After distillation, we infused the spirit with black pepper, coconut, almond and apricot using a maceration style of infusion. The rum is slightly back sweetened and brought down to proof. We wanted to aim for a lower ABV which is standard for many coconut style rums. It is light, refreshing and accessible!


Tasting Notes: All your favorite notes of a Caribbean rum – rich dark sugar, spice, fruit, nuttiness with a kick of the tropics. We promise no sunscreen aftertaste like some coconut rums you might find on the market. This product has all natural ingredients and the flavors all get along with each other swimmingly!


How to Mix It

Summer Lemonade

1.5 oz Summer Rum

4 oz Lemonade

Lemon wheel garnish



Build the cocktail directly in the glass with all ingredients. Fill with ice and garnish away!

Summer Sunrise

1.5 oz Summer Rum

2 oz Orange Juice

0.5 oz Grenadine


Pour the rum and OJ directly in a glass. Fill with ice. Sink the grenadine down the side of your glass. Top it off with an umbrella!

Summer Baybreeze

1.5 oz Summer Rum

2 oz Pineapple Juice

2 oz Cranberry Juice

Lime Wheel Garnish


Build all ingredients directly into your glass. Garnish with a lime wheel or wedge!

How do I get my hands on it???

Now, you may be asking yourself how you get your hands on some of this wonderfulness. If you are a bottle club member you are good to go! If you are not a bottle club member yet, what are you waiting for?! MAJOR HINT – this month’s can club release is the Rum Punch blended with this same spirit! Make sure to double dip on the club action this year to get them all. Details are on our website: