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Tenth Ward’s Canned Cocktail Club

Tenth Ward’s Canned Cocktail Club
November 18, 2021 Tenth Ward Distilling

Tenth Ward’s Canned Cocktail Club – Why this subscription program has your name written all over it.

Written by Kachentha Bennett, Distiller, Tenth Ward Distilling 

As the seasons turn colder and the days get shorter, thoughts of holiday shopping and gifts start to take center stage. For those looking for places to visit while crossing off the gift list, Tenth Ward is the perfect place and perfect Frederick distillery to shop for locally produced gifts of all sorts! AND, what better gift than the oh-so-popular monthly subscription gift that keeps on giving!

Did you say “canned cocktails”!?

By now, you may have heard the buzz around town about our canned cocktails. For those who know and for those who are curious: since April of this year, we have been crafting ready to drink cocktails in a can for all of our lovely enthusiasts. Using locally grown grain and distilled  right here in Frederick, our eclectic menu began with the much beloved Smokey Jalapeno Margarita and Corpse Reviver cocktails.  Thanks to a hearty reception and our commitment to warding off ordinary, we put our heads together to develop more of these delicious portable portables and created the Canned Cocktail Club.

How Does it Work?

The format is similar to how our bottle club works: artfully and thoughtfully developed craft cocktails available every month for registered members only. Club Members are billed monthly with a new flavor each month! Don’t miss out on items like our Blackberry-Basil Lemonade and Watermelon-Mint Smash. (Hint: if you haven’t signed up, this is your cue!)

This month’s cocktail is called The Spice Is Right. November’s very own selection is a blend of locally grown and produced apple cider from McCutcheon’s and our exclusive single malt (this quarter’s club release, did you get your bottle??). Combined with cinnamon, star anise, and sweetened with just a touch of maple syrup, the result is a tasty drink that pairs perfectly with your favorite cozy fall sweater or roaring fire pit.

How do I sign up???

So now we get to the question “How can I sign up?!”. Well,  it’s very easy and doesn’t take much time at all and it’s free to join.  Just go to and select “Sign Me Up” for The Canned Cocktail Club. Once there, enter your info and you’re a club member!  If you’re already a member and would like to share the love, we’ve got you covered. Memberships can also be gifted to your (aged 21+) friends and family.  Pickups are currently available in person at our Cocktail Lab and beginning in January we will be offering shipping throughout Maryland and DC.

Cheers and keep sippin’ the good stuff,

– Kay